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1) Coronary Artery Disease:

A) 10 year MI risk (Male):

A) 10 year MI risk (Female):

B) Evaluation of Presenting Angina:

CVD Risk Factors:


- Dyslipidemia
- DM
- Obesity (BMI>30)

- Smoking (Current or quit within ≤ 3 months)

- Postive FamHx (CVD before age 65)

- Atheroselerotic Disease: MI, CVA/TIA, PAD

Sgarbossa's Criteria for MI in LBBB

1) Concordant ST elevation > 1mm in leads with postivie QRS complex.

2) Cocordant ST depression > 1mm in V1-V3.

3) Excessivly discordant ST Elevation/Depresion in leads with a negative QRS complex.