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Verbal Specialist Consult


Hello my name is _______ , Im the medical student working with Dr. ________,
from __(Service here)___
Im calling regarding a _____age & sex here_____ patient with
Last name: _______, First name: ___________ whos admitted to ______ service/MRP here______ for

_____Reason for admit or chief complaint ________

Reason for Consult:
We'd like to consult ______Insert specialist service here_____

(1) To answer the following questions: ______  (2) To help manage the following medical conditions or findings: _____ 

HPI: This HPI has to do with the reason for the consult. For example,  the patient may have been admitted for pyelonephritis, and on  investigation, was found to have an incidental finding of an adrenal  mass. Tell the consultant the HPI of the adrenal mass. Include relevant  symptoms, labs, etc.  and what have you done so far.

PMH: list of the relevant history.