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Clerkship Preparation:

Ultimate clinical resource for medical practicums/clerkships

Therapeutic Choice

Your resource for choosing antibiotic therapy, and pharmacological managment of common conditions and presenting symptoms

Suture Bank

Your resources for choosing appropriate suture type and size for various lacerations as well as determining removal time


MD Calculators

Your resource for evidence-based, validated, scoring tools to guide your clinical decision making while on the ward.

Starting clerkship soon? Check out our Survival Guide:

Taking Education to the Next Level

Our goal is not to teach you everything about Medicine. There is already great resources for that, such as Up-To-Date, Dynamed, etc... Our goal is to provide you with supplemental material to cover topics and skills that have been historically poorly covered in medical education prior to clerkship years. At the very least we hope to make you aware of the deficit so you can read up on these topics yourself before starting clerkship.

Two-way Street

A site for students by students. We value your feedback and suggestions and invite you to become a contributor and bring your ideas to life..

Number 1 Resource for MD Clerks

MedHub aims to cover high-yield topics that are relevant for healthcare practicum year students. Contents is reviewed by upper year students and 2 retired physicians.



We aim to use interactive modules, visual and auditory illustrations, and other innovative techniques to deliver content.

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